TPP is a global healthcare technology company based in Horsforth, Leeds. Founded by computer programmer Frank Hester in 1997, TPP’s main aim has always been to help healthcare professionals save time whilst also giving patients the best care, by providing them with innovative tech solutions. We began by designing software which shared patient records between one GP practice and one diabetes service in Bradford. Now we look after millions of patient records from around the globe and have one of the largest databases in the world. We’re constantly looking to harness the full potential of the latest technology, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, to better support healthcare staff to deliver the best care.

At TPP, we share knowledge on tech and healthcare with people from all around the world, putting us at the forefront of new, big ideas. From the work we do and the people we meet, we gain insights into global affairs, social issues, the environment, ethics, privacy, and big data. We care deeply about all of these things. We’re also human. We have interests in sports and entertainment, food and literature, and we are all personally affected by current events in different ways. We’re a tight knit team of passionate people who work hard, play hard, and have something to say.

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